BIG-IP Administrator[184]

BIG-IP Administrator[184]

LocationShinagawa, Tokyo
Language SkillsNative Japanese. Business Level English
No. Of Positions1
DurationLong term starting immediately
Contract typeSubcontract
BudgetDepends on skills
JD Summary[Responsibilities]
1) Follow architecture and deployment standards, adhere to compliance requirements and best practices
2) Interface with Project Managers and Client Partners to provide engineering and architecture services for infrastructure builds and troubleshooting purposes.
3) Ensure a scalable and redundant load balancer infrastructure for Production level environments that operate in a highly available fashion.
4) Maintain technical documentation and help develop procedures and internal standards.
5) Ability to create standardized configurations and iRules based on customer requirements.
6) Manage and deploy SSL certificates.
7) Knowledge of DNS configurations
8) Provide input for changes and design enhancements to improve reliability, security, processes and performance.
9) Take responsibility for meeting commitments; with a desire to succeed and has a history of meeting deadlines.
10) Ability to effectively communicate network concepts and network challenges to both technical and non-technical people.
11) Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced work environment.

[Technical Requirements]
1) Capable of building new Virtual Hosts made up of multiple pool members using the BIG-IP administrative console.
2) Experience in developing iRules in order to reroute incoming request to alternate Virtual Hosts based on resulting HTTP return code.
3) Able to maintain multiple SSL certificates running across a huge number of Virtual Hosts.
4) Capable of changing existing Cipher Suite settings as security standards change with time. Namely how to disable/enable TLS V1.0, V1.1 and SSL V3 for a given Virtual Host.
5) Capability to analyze BIGP logs in order to help troubleshoot network issues and help identify application performance problems.
6) Apply necessary settings in-order to maintain session data in a highly available redundant environment.
7) Firm understanding of BIGIP workload distribution methodologies (round robin concepts).
8) Administer BIGIP and ensure application availability is not effected during scheduled migration and maintenance projects.

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